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Sparkling Smile for a Sparkling Season!

It's crazy to think that the word 'Christmas' is being thrown around and it is just over a month away! This year has been very difficult and strange for everyone and usually getting excited about Christmas this early on may have been begrudged, but it's having something fun and exciting to look forward to which is keeping us all smiling!

This year has meant having to make a lot of adaptions to our ways of living and routines which may have taken it's toll on some people's well-being - some have managed to excel in some self care, while others may have not had the same enthusiasm or means to. It's important we take moments to look after ourselves and to treat ourselves in the ways that are important to you.

Visiting the Dentist or Hygienist may not be on the top of your list for a treat but your dental health will really benefit from it now and in the future. It is important to keep up with these appointments to maintain the best dental health for you and to not let it suffer during these times. We are still open for you during the lockdown period.

A dental treat you may have thought about before is teeth whitening. We offer 'Philips ZOOM' teeth whitening with the option for a session in practice (including a home kit) or to purchase the home kit only. For more information, please contact us today or click on the link below to their website. Don't just let your decorations sparkle this season - let your teeth and smile sparkle too! 020 8977 7123

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