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Understanding the different steps leading to dental implant treatment, the treatment itself and aftercare involved is so important in making an informed decision. The journey here gives you an overview of the stages that could form your treatment plan – it’s only a guide as all of our clients are different and we’ll tailor treatment to achieve the best possible results for you.*
Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos is our implant specialist and you can read more about him by clicking here.

Step 1. Consultation
The first step involves a full smile assessment. This goes far beyond medical and dental details or examinations (as important as they are). It’s about getting to know you and listening to what you’d like to get out of dental implant treatment. We’re here to listen to your hopes and concerns, and will answer any questions openly and honestly.

Step 2. Treatment Planning

Not everyone is suitable for implant treatment and we believe it’s unfair to go ahead without a strong chance of success. At the same time, we’re experts in taking on more challenging cases and carrying out innovative treatments to make dental implants a reality.

Step 3. An Innovative Digital Approach

We’re committed to taking a cutting-edge approach that capitalises on the latest digital technology. Digital treatment planning is a great example of this and enables us to make your treatment and its results as predictable as possible.

Step 4. Treatment
Your treatment plan is personal to you, but the following gives an outline of the fundamentals of dental implant surgery.

Step 5. Aftercare

We’ll keep a check on your implants as they are healing as you’ll have appointments while we custom-make your crowns or bridges. These will involve taking impressions of your existing teeth to accurately measure and accommodate your implants as well as precise colour matching so that your implants look as natural as possible.*

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