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We are proudly a amalgam free practice. White fillings are made of glass and plastic and perfectly colour matched to your natural tooth. It is suitable for restoring tooth decay and can also be used for cosmetic dentistry improvement.

While traditionally amalgam fillings were used for tooth cavities, there are now health concerns of the level of mercury content that consists within them. For health reasons, we are proud to be a mercury free dentist but also this can be appealing to patients for cosmetic dentistry reasons; the fillings are a natural tooth colour and much less visible.

Fillings are usually needed when an un-natural cavity forms on the tooth due to a build up of plaque which causes tooth decay. Fillings are used to fill the cavity and to help make it stronger to prevent any futher damage to the tooth.

Regularly seeing the hygienist and cleaning your teeth with a flouride toothpaste and mouthwash twice a day will really help to protect your teeth from tooth decay and from further dental treatment to be needed. Make sure to top up your oral hygiene throughout the day with dental floss to remove plaque and build up from those hard-to-reach places between the teeth after snacking and eating.

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