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Prevention over treatment is something we strongly believe in. With regular hygiene visits, it aids the prevention of tooth decay and maintains healthy gums. We take a thorough approach and offer a full scale and polish service alongside charting and cleaning around the gum line and gum pockets. If there are any areas of concern the hygienist may have discovered then not to worry, we will help you and advise you on how to improve using cleaning aids and the correct brushing techniques when brushing your teeth.

Hygiene appointments also help to remove dark stubborn stains caused by smoking and drinking, such as, red wine, coffee and tea.

As we are all consuming foods high in sugar, usually not even realising, this has caused tooth decay along with gum disease and periodontitis to increase. Our hygienists are trained to assess your diet and advise you on what to avoid and what to replace certain foods with. We are here to help you.

Children's hygiene visits are highly recommended as it encourages good dental routine habits from an early age - preventing and protecting gums and teeth throughout their adult life through education and demonstration techniques.

Our hygienists are also fully qualified to perform ZOOM teeth whitening and the use of Airflow to really help remove tougher stains and reveal a whiter and cleaner smile.

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