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The clue is in the name - braces that have a fast teeth straightening treatment time!

FASTBRACES® Technology has been developed and supported for over a quarter of a century of research. It was invented by a specialist orthodontist to move teeth easily with less wires and light force to straighten teeth safely and quickly.

They work similarly to traditional braces and are made up of small, low profile brackets which help to make the process more comfortable but strength, durability and reliability isn't compromised. These types of braces are perfect for a range of cases and needs - simple or complex. They straighten teeth and address 'bad bites', such as, overbites, underbites, crowding/crooked teeth, spacing/gaps, open bite and crossbites.

FASTBRACES® are a popular treatment as they are non-surgical and work very quickly - treatment will averagely take no longer then 120 day! This is dependent on patient co-operation and Dental experience.

At our dental practice Dr. Sanjiv Rikhi is very experienced with FASTBRACES®

and has treated a range of different cases. If you would like to book in today for more information and a consultation then please contact us on:

020 8977 123

Please see below a link for more information on Dr. Sanjiv Rikhi:

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