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£50 Off Teeth Whitening!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

For a limited time we are offering £50 off our in-practice teeth whitening treatments which includes a home kit! Please contact us today for more information and the T&Cs

We use ‘Philips ZOOM’ teeth whitening treatments which can whiten teeth up to 7 shades whiter within one hour*. This professional gel formula contains safe levels of hydrogen peroxide which are more gentle, effective and custom made. By choosing to whiten your teeth with one of our professionals, you know you’re in safe hands and you will get the best advice and treatment for you

(*the formula works with the amount of enamel in the tooth, so results vary from each person)

This year has been quite challenging for everyone and it has been vital to look after each other during these uncertain times. Alongside this, we also mustn’t forget to look after ourselves and dedicate some time to self-care. This is why we are offering a discount on teeth whitening treatments - to help give yourself or someone else a little treat before the end of this year.

Don’t forget to keep up with your routine dental and hygienist appointments as this (alongside home dental maintenance) is the best form of self-care for your dental health. You will feel the benefits from it now and in the future as you are preventing your dental health to suffer during these times.

We are still open for you during the lockdown period while still following very strict guidelines to protect patient and staff health and safety. We are still following our covid-19 precautions and policies that have been put in place since we re-opened in June. If you would like anymore information about these topics or to book in an appointment, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 020 8977 7123

Smiling young man in blue denim jacket. Straight and white teeth
£50 OFF Teeth Whitening!

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