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The Sparkle Season is here!

Make sure you have a smile you are proud of for this sparkly party season! November and December have suddenly crept up on us this year, which means all the work, family and friends get togethers are well on their way as well!

Nothing stands out more then a happy healthy smile, so make sure you visit the hygienist soon! This isn't just to get more of a pearly white smile but hygienist visits are so important and underestimated in regards to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Address the health of your teeth and gums first and the naturally brighter smile will follow! Hygienist remove build up of plaque and staining to your teeth, helping to eliminate risk of gum disease or future need for dental treatment.

We are offering 10% off hygienist appointments this Tuesday 26th November for one day only! So be sure to call us to confirm your appointment before all the spaces go!

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have! 020 8977 7123 or email

Save 10% hygienist appointment
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