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Smile for your Valentines

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The day to celebrate love is on it's way! Whether you're celebrating your love for someone else or for yourself - make sure your smile is ready for the day!

It's nice to have a day of celebration to look forward to which means a lot of smiling! Maintaining a good and daily oral health routine, will help ensure not only a healthy smile but a brighter, whiter and fresher smile! We recommend a morning, evening and throughout the day routine to maintain. Using a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash will help to protect your teeth and gums against acidity from your daily foods and drinks.

We recommend using your floss or Tepe brushes to clean inbetween the teeth, then to use your mouthwash followed by brushing your teeth for approximately 2 minutes - this is a good morning and evening routine. Throughout the day make sure to clean inbetween your teeth with your TePe brushes or dental floss, to help avoid cavities forming in any gaps. We recommend 'Fluoriguard' as a good daily mouthwash or 'Pronamel' mouthwash and toothpaste by 'Sensodyne' for sensitive teeth.

Maintaining this dental routine will help protect against cavities forming, bad breath and stains forming - achieving that healthier and brighter smile for your Valentines!

We have appointments available to see our Hygienist where you can get bespoke dental advice and a thorough clean. This service will be bespoke to you and to meet you dental needs. It will offer an opportunity for any lifestyle advice in regards to your oral health and the opportunity to ask any questions your may have. For more information, please contact us today!

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Happy Valentines day from all of the team at Aromaden Dental Practice

Red, pink and gold small heart confetti
Happy Valentines Day!

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