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Updated: Feb 19

A smile goes a long way and it is a natural and effective way to lift your mood due to those lovely endorphins it releases daily!

Having the smile you have always wanted has never been easier to achieve. We have the expertise and technology to work with you to create the smile you desire. We can create a broader arch, perfect alignment, tooth size and shape with a perfect colour match - giving you a natural, perfect smile with the expertise and technology we have available. We understand that every patient is different and so is their needs, so your treatment plan will be bespoke to you.

Below are some examples of before and after images of patient's smile makeovers. This is completed work by Dr. Sanjiv Rikhi, our Practice Principal

If you have any enquiries or would like to book to book in a consultation then please contact us on: 020 8977 7123

Below are links to our specific pages for more information on these treatments and for more information on Dr. Sanjiv Rikhi

Smile with Confidence!

Smile with Confidence!

Smile with Confidence!

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