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National Croissant Day!

Today is National Croissant Day so you may find yourself celebrating by having a tasty bite of one this morning, afternoon or even as an evening snack! There's many types of recipes and ingredients out there to accompany your croissant, whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, or you prefer yours hot or cold! Either way, we all know they are a delicious treat we like to enjoy, especially in the morning alongside a cup of tea or coffee! So it's just being mindful to protect your teeth and gums from any plaque build up by thoroughly brushing your teeth and flossing throughout the day or after you have your crusty croissant!

If you use mouthwash it's advised to rinse before you brush your teeth so you don't wash away the protective ingredient, Sodium Fluoride, which is usually found within your toothpaste. Then, using an electric toothbrush, brush your teeth for several minutes while being cautious not to brush too hard. Brushing first thing in the morning before you eat is advised in order to help protect your teeth and gums from the ofood and drink you'll be having throughout the day

So enjoy your croissants but just look after your teeth and gums at the same time to maintain good oral health!

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National Croissant Day
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