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Mouthrinse for Dry Mouth

We now also have Oralieve Alcohol-Free Mouthrinse samples to try alongside Oralieve mild toothpaste and mouth gel!

If you suffer from dry mouth then come and see our Hygienist for some dental and lifestyle advice to help manage your symptoms. This can be challenging to maintain on your own so we are here to help and support you to find out what works best for you

Dry mouth can be caused for numerous reasons and can affect a lot of people daily. Some symptoms include :

🔹Sticky or stringy saliva

🔹Cracked or chapped lips

🔹A need to drink water

🔹Lipstick sticking to teeth

🔹Increased tooth decay or bleeding gums

🔹A rough tongue

🔹Sore or sensitive mouth

🔹Bad breath

🔹Difficult swallowing dry foods

🔹Dentures may not stay in place

Saliva holds an important role to help protect teeth from daily acids and sugars in your diet, help to remove bacteria, helps to keep tissues of the mouth healthy and it helps to taste, swallow and digest your food.

Oralieve's products have a unique combination of moisturisers and enzymes which supplement the same natural systems in saliva. Gentle formulas with no alcohol or SLS and gentle flavours.

Contact us today for more information or to book in your appointment:

020 8977 7123

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