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Invisalign - Straightening Teeth Discreetly

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Have you every thought about straightening your teeth but the reason you don't go ahead with it is because you feel as though they're too visible or the process would take too long?

Well Invisalign braces are fast, discreet and effective. These braces suit all types of lifestyles and ages. They are a clear brace that is made bespoke to your teeth and desired outcome. The braces are removeable making them easy to wear and giving you freedom when to wear them

We have an Invisalign consultant available at our practice who will discuss with you the outcome you desire and a treatment plan that would suit you and to get the best results possible

If you would like more information then don't hesitate to contact us or ask any questions:

020 8977 7123

Below is also a link to Invisalign's website if you would like to do more research:

There's a lot to smile about and make sure it's a smile you're confident in!

Women placing Invisalign retainer onto teeth

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