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Happy Valentines Day!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Valentines day is a great opportunity to show the ones around you you love them but also don't forget some self care and self love!

Make sure you dedicate your efforts and time into caring for your teeth and gums and keeping them healthy by visiting the Dentist and Hygienist regularly - your smile will thank you for it later and it will really have something to smile about!

If you want to take that extra step further to really love your smile then we have teeth straightening technology and treatments available to help get you the smile you want and you will feel confident with. We are currently running a discounted £20 Invisalign consultation with our Invisalign expert! Invisalign is the most recommended teeth straightening process recommended by patients as it is fast, discreet and is suitable for any type of lifestyle you may have! If you decide to go ahead with the treatment then the £20 will be refunded to you once the treatment has been completed - this is a limited time offer only so book in as soon as possible to secure your discounted consultation while we have some appointments left available!

020 8977 7123

We hope to hear you soon and we are sending lots of love out today to our current patients and potential new patients who may be out there!

two young men smiling and happy, arm around each other

women placing Invisalign retainer onto teeth
Invisalign Retainer

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