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Dental Routine & Product Advice

Our Hygienists have appointments available this week to offer advice on bespoke dental routine for you within your hygienist appointment! We are currently running a £99 offer for new patients to have BOTH a dental check up and a 45 minute hygienist appointment! There is some availability left for this week so contact us today:

020 8977 7123

We have a variety of dental products available at our practice for you to get more information on and to purchase. We are happy that we have more of our 'Wisdom Interdental Brushes' back in stock! They are available in various sizes to suit your dental care routines! 😁💙 They are a great solution if you have found flossing difficult and by being metal-free, they are safe for use around implants, fillings and crowns!

- removes plaque & food particles

- soft flexible rubber to slide between teeth

- gentle on teeth enamel & gums

- metal-free!

We look forward to hearing from you 💙

fine size, medium size and large sized wisdom Interdental Brushes
Wisdom Interdental Brushes

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