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Tackling Sensitive Teeth!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

❄ It's a chilly morning today! ❄ Sensitive teeth can also be triggered by the cold weather and it's not a great feeling to have to start your day 😔 We recommend using #Sensodyne toothpaste! They have a variety of toothpastes available from everyday protection, to rapid relief and for gum health improvement - all the while tackling teeth sensitivity from food, drink and the elements!

Using these types of toothpaste twice daily can really help with sensitivity so we would recommend! These are our samples but our dentist can offer more advice about tooth sensitivity and how it could be triggered and how to treat it - contact us today to book an appointment and more information! Don't let sensitivity take over your lifestyle! 💪❄

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Image of Sensodyne toothpaste samples for sensitive teeth
Sensodyne toothpaste Samples Available

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