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Smile - It's Good For You!

Smiling naturally releases feel-good neurotransmitters (dopamine, endorphins and serotonin) which has an overall amazing impact on your health - body, mind and spirit.

We are fortunate enough that mental health has become more of a spoken about topic in which people feel they can open up more honestly and reach out to others when they are struggling. Through everyone's own personal battles, self-care is something that tends to be forgotten about. Self-care isn't vanity but a love, respect and appreciation of what you are and what you're made up of. Little acts that you do for yourself can hugely affect your happiness and well being - knowing you are doing something for yourself and taking care of yourself has a much bigger positive affect on us than we realise. Focusing on some self-care and knowing you are doing something good for yourself can really help you through times of struggle - no matter how small or irrelevant to the battles in your mind you are trying to overcome.

If self-care isn't a practice that you are used to or know how to start, people tend to find reassurance in knowing that their health is in good order. When you are battling something internally, it can be nice to know that externally you are looking after yourself and feel good within your body and you're are looking after it. By having a simple morning and evening routine, it can really set a good tone for the start of your day and a peaceful relaxing feeling to the end of your day, ready for a restful sleep. Brushing your teeth is a small act, full of minty and clean sensations, that can feel refreshing and peace of mind that you are setting up care and protection for your teeth and gums from the very start through to the end of your day. It not only notifies your mind that you are looking after yourself but you will also see the benefits short and long term to your dental health by doing this small act daily - impacting your mind and body positively. Once you have got yourself into a routine, it's great to feel that you can take that an extra step further by routinely visiting the dentist and hygienist where further guidance and beneficial advice on diet and lifestyle can be given - again, making you feel good and a sense of self-care.

As mentioned before, the act of smiling hugely affects your overall well-being and how great is it that you can also smile with a smile that you're proud of and have taken care of! Making sure we look after ourselves is imperative and looking after each other is vital - so make sure you give someone a smile today, not only to benefit you but you never know what someone else is going through and a smile can reach out to someone and go a long way!


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