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Check Ups

Adult Check-Up (new patient)

Adult Check-Up (existing patient)

Child Check-Up (new patient)

Child Check-Up (existing patient)

Emergency (during working hours)







From £19.50


GBT Hygiene Session

Periodontal Treatment

Child Clean


Cerec same day crown


Simple extractions

Surgical Extractions

Teeth whitening 

In chair whitening 

At home whitening

Teeth Straightening

Invisalign (includes whitening and take home retainer)


Implant consultation

Perio Surgery


Facial Aesthetics

Anti wrinkle Injections

1 area

2 areas

3 areas


Dermal Fillers

Other prices may vary subject to consultation.

Aqua Gold 

from £139

from £189



From £150 per tooth

From £350 per tooth



From £3,995





From £1,250

From £150






From £399 per syringe




At Aromaden, we also offer a membership programmes, with includes a monthly direct debit and access to discounted treatments and Hygiene appointments. Please contact the clinic to find out more information about our Memberships


Treatment is bespoke to each patient to meet their individual needs, therefore it is best to have a consultation first with one of our Dentists if you are a new patient so we can offer you a fair quote to suit the next best step for you. Prices will vary depending on procedures so please don't hesitate to contact the practice for more information.

For the different types of procedures and treatments we offer, please click on our 'services' tab at the top of the page. 

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