We have had patients who are unhappy with the positioning of their teeth and this has affected them for years. Othodontics are very popular amongst adults as there are discreet options available, both fixed and removable braces with varying lengths of treatment.

'Invisalign' Braces
These type of braces are a well-known brand consisting of clear and discreet removable tray systems to straighten your teeth. Some patients can see results within weeks! It is removed when eating or drinking anything other than cold water and go completely invisible when in the mouth. Perfect for meetings, special occasions or for just not liking the idea of a fixed version.

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Straightening teeth as fast as 45-152 days! FASTBRACES® is another orthodontic system with pioneering technology that has been tried and tested for over 25 years with impressive results. Unlike traditional straightening methods that require tooth extractions prior to treatment with a treatment length of 12-24 months, FASTBRACES® require no tooth extractions and only takes weeks or months!  FASTBRACES® uses breakthrough technology designed to cut out the two-step process of traditional braces - they are best for quick, comfortable and affordable results! Perfect for brides who are in a rush for a big day or a special occasion or even simply want it complete quickly.

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