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Whiten teeth up to 7 shades in 1 hour with 'Philips ZOOM!' teeth whitening treatment. This process is popular with over 4 million patients worldwide as the solution is safe, offers noticeable results and is quick and easy. The gel formula conforms to safety regulations which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide and offers protection from sensitivity so you know you are in safe hands.


At Aromaden we went you to feel your most happiest and confident self and that starts with feeling as though you can smile everyday! Patients often feel that they want their teeth to be healthier and whiter so we like to use this quick, easy and effective solution to give you the results you want!

We will start by having a consultation with you to discuss the procedure and to make sure of the best treatment for you. Then, you can book in for a 1 hour whitening session within the practice and you will be given a home-kit to carry on your whitening treatment at home.
A home-kit only option is available once we have had a consultation with you to make sure you are aware of the procedure or if you have already had a session with us and bought the home kit from us before.

Please click on this link for more information:

We also provide POLADAY teeth whitening gels as a teeth whitening home kit pack. It comes as 10 premixed gels with a tray. (You can then buy additional gels when needed) Please note policy states you must see our Dentist, Hygienist or be a regular patient with us to be able to purchase gels.

Teeth whitening dentist Teddington
 Teeth whitening Teddington
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