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Today's Fun Fact!

Did you know that by the time it gets to the early evening, your mouth has its highest point of acidity. Which is why we'd recommend using a mouthwash when you get in from work or school - keep to your usual dental cleaning routine morning and night but this little #toptip will work as a little 'top-up' to help protect your teeth and gums during the day and to help remove bacteria 💙 We like this mouthwash 'Ultradex' as it has fluoride and an antibacterial ingredient, helping to prevent tooth decay and eliminating bad breath! ---- #WednesdayWisdom #humpoftheweek #oralhealth #selfcare #dentist #smile #happy #mintyfreshness #cleanliness #Teddington #TeddingtonTown

Ultradex Mouthwash - available at our Dental Practice

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