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At Aromaden we want the best for our patients and to meet your individual needs. Each patient is different but it is important for everyone to keep on top of their preventive dental care. By attending routine examinations with the dentist and hygienist appointments, you will see an improvement in your oral health and will be able to maintain it - helping to prevent complicated dental treatment to be needed in the future.

We have different types of memberships available for our patients to meet your individual dental needs. We find that this helps patients stay on track of their preventive dental care and offers peace of mind that you are covered for routine visits, for emergency dentist needs and discounts on extra dental treatment you may require. Our memberships are also suitable if you want your children to be covered as our memberships offer free child dental appointments within your membership and discount on child hygienist appointments and treatment. 


We have four memberships available; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Denture. Each vary on appointment types, how many you may need and the duration time. The suitability depends on your oral health and what you need to assist this along with your lifestyle. To help choose which would suit you best, you can have a discussion with our dentist and hygienist when you come in for a consultation.

Each membership covers:

Routine examinations

Routine hygienist appointments

Routine oral cancer screening

X-rays (x2)

Your children's examinations and discounted hygienist visits

Up to 20% off discount on treatments

Emergency appointments 

'Wordwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme' (24hours)

For more information please contact the practice or discuss with the dentist during your appointment if you are interested and to see how this can benefit you. We are happy to help and want to find the best way to stay on top of and maintain healthy teeth and gums for your oral health!

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